Advantage Maharashtra

Maharashtra holds a prominent position as India’s foremost commercial and industrial hub, distinguished by its vast economic landscape, world-class infrastructure and unparalleled facilities.

The State is regarded as the ‘Textile Powerhouse,’ has a legacy from the intricate artistry of traditional handloom to the cutting-edge innovation of technical textiles.

The state offers a holistic ecosystem with Government bodies like MIDC, MPCB, MSEDCL, etc. offering contribute to facilitating business operations through single window clearance to start and operate a business. Additionally, progressive policies have created a conducive environment for fostering business and bringing in investment opportunities across sectors.

$420 bn

No. 1
Exporter State

In State Governance Index

Share of India's FDI Inflow

Vibrant Textile Ecosystem of State

Maharashtra, a land of diversity and vibrant cultures, boasts a rich tradition of handloom textiles. Traditional fabrics such as Paithani, Himroo, Karvat Kathi, Khana fabric and Ghongadi are an integral part of state’s attire and culture.

With history dating back centuries, the state's textile industry has evolved and flourished, becoming a pivotal player in shaping the nation's textile landscape.

In Maharashtra, the textile industry encompasses the entire value chain, from the cultivation of cotton to the production of finished garments. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of textile manufacturing is efficiently managed within the state. Maharashtra's fertile lands are conducive to cotton cultivation, providing a reliable source of raw material for the industry.

Further, the state is transitioning to technical textiles and other smart textiles that is propelled by innovation and digitization, marking a significant advancement in the state's textile industry.

Advantage Maharashtra

10.4 %

of Country's
Total Textile &
Apparel Production

10.2 %

of Total
Employment in
Textiles sector

16 %

to India's Textile &
Apparel Exports


Cotton Producer
in India


Exporter in
Textile & Apparels

Hub of Innovation, Excellence, and Collaboration

The state has 40 textile and 8 garment clusters benefitting from its strategic geographical location, robust infrastructure, and skilled manpower, making it a preferred destination for both domestic and international investors.

Additionally, the state's recognition as an awardee of PM MITRA Park in Amravati is poised to draw an investment of Rs. 10,000 crore and generate both direct and indirect employment for approximately 300,000 individuals. The park will catalyze the growth and development of Maharashtra's textile ecosystem, contributing to its competitiveness, sustainability, and resilience in the global market.

Traditional Textiles of Maharashtra



Paithani is a handloom garment woven in silk and zari with vibrant and opulent motifs of flora and fauna using an interlock twill tapestry technique for creating patterns.



Ghongadi is a woollen blanket made primarily by a community of shepherds in Western Maharashtra called Dhangars who weave it on a pit loom using natural dyes and tamarind paste.



Himroo is a blended brocade fabric woven with cotton or rayon and silk, featuring recurring motifs such as geometric shapes, parallel lines as well as flora and fauna.



Originating from the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, the Karvath Kathi saree is named after its unique ‘saw-tooth’ shaped pattern on the border and bodice.



The Khana (or Khunn) is a cotton and viscose silk woven fabric, is known for its distinct two-toned honeycomb brocade pattern that contrasts with the border.

Integrated and Sustainable Textile Policy - Objectives

Contours to Establish Maharashtra as the hub of the textile sector in India