Hall Layouts

Find your way through the various zones at Bharat Tex with these hall layouts.
Updated as on: 15 February 2024

Bharat Mandapam  Yashobhoomi


Bharat Mandapam

Hall 1 GF

Hall 1 FF

Hall 2-3 GF

Hall 2-3 FF

Hall 4 GF

Hall 4 FF

Hall 5 GF

Hall 5 FF

Hall 6

Hall 6A

Hall 7

Hall 7I

Hall 8-9-10-11

Hall 9A

Hall 12-12A

Hall 14FF



Yashobhoomi IICC Hall 1

Yashobhoomi IICC Hall 2

Criteria for Hall Layouting

The process of plotting the floor plan has been done meticulously based on the following considerations:

  • Categorization of halls according to product segments.
  • Evaluation of available area in each hall versus the required area for each segment.
  • Reservation of prime locations at the entrance for large booths and partners.
  • For any product category with more than five exhibitor applications, booths have been allocated through a lucky draw system.

Refund policy for withdrawn booths at Bharat Tex 2024:

Before Allotment & Final Invoice: If you withdraw your booth before it has been allotted, 50% booth fee will be refunded.

After Allotment: If you withdraw your booth after it has been allotted, 100% booth fee will be forfeited.

Any exhibitor who cancels their participation less than 5 days before the start of the show will be liable for a penalty as determined by the Core Committee of Bharat Tex.