Supporting State Partner: Gujarat

About Textile Industry of Gujarat

Gujarat is India’s leading textile manufacturer. Gujarat is the largest national exporter, contributing USD 5 Billion (FY 22-23). As India's primary cotton producer, it commands 35% of Central India's cotton production. With a 28% share in India's overall cotton yield (2022-23), Gujarat's textile sector contributes around 18% to the national output. Gujarat dominates synthetic fabric production, claiming a 30% share in woven fabric and 65-70% in denim production nationally. The state boasts a comprehensive textile ecosystem, from cultivation to processing, supported by institutions like ATIRA, MANTRA, NID, and NIFT, fostering innovation and skill development. Gujarat is a hub for technical textiles, leading in Packtech & Clothtech with over 8,000 units producing Hometech, Clothtech, Packtech, and Agrotech products.

The Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes 2022 underline the state's commitment in making the Textile sector future ready by making it a thrust sector. The upcoming PM-MITRA Park aligns with the 5F vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, aiming to make Gujarat a future-ready hub for Textiles and Apparel sector. The park is set to fortify the sector value chain, enhance competitiveness, achieve economies of scale, and attract FDI and global manufacturers, propelling Gujarat to new heights in textile industry excellence.

Key initiatives by Gujarat for the textiles industry

The Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes for Assistance to Industries 2022 recognize “Textiles” as a thrust sector making it eligible for incremental incentives. Key components include:

  • Capital Subsidy (for micro enterprises)
  • Interest Subsidy
  • EPF Reimbursement for 10 years
  • Net SGST reimbursement
  • Stamp Duty and registration fee reimbursement (for mega industries)
  • Input SGST on capital goods reimbursement (for mega industries)

Government of Gujarat with support of Ministry of Textiles is setting up PM MITRA Park in Navsari District which is in close vicinity of thriving major textile clusters of Surat and Navsari. The Park will be spread over area of ~465 Ha and shall cater to the entire value-chain of the textile industry from spinning, weaving, processing, garmenting, textile manufacturing to processing & printing machinery industries.

PM MITRA Park in Gujarat will enhance current production in the textile and apparel sector in the state and provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, research center and utility services for the sector. It will also enable in creation of:

  • World class plug and play infrastructure
  • Smart and sustainable manufacturing infrastructure
  • Hub for training, research and innovation
  • Common facilities like Steam, Boiler, effluent treatment etc.
  • Social and residential facilities
  • Provide boost to exports by strengthening competitiveness of the sector
  • Help achieve economies of scale, attract FDI and global manufacturers

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